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Expanding 4thEmpireStudios to NewGrounds.com

2010-09-09 20:52:47 by 4thEmpireStudios

http://www.youtube.com/user/4thEmpireS tudios

4th Empire Studios makes animation and digital art. There's not much to say; the "company" was established on July 08th, 2010, but its very first work was uploaded a day later. Cockchopred was very successful, considering the fact it is the very first attempted animation we have ever made. It has attractive 1, 200 viewers on YouTube, and the first animation that made it up to an ED article with complements.


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2010-09-09 22:17:24

Your Animatsion Was Funny As Fuck Dude I Was Eating A Slice Of Pizza And I Damn Near Choked TO Death Anyway Are You Looking For Any New Voice Actors Because I Can Voice Act And I Sure Wish To Be In Any new Animations That You Make What Do You Say?!

4thEmpireStudios responds:

Just what I was requiring. Voice actors. Yes, we need voice actors. Our next animation is on a huge delay, because my Drawing Tablet has not arrived yet. But I'll send you message if everything's going OK.


2010-09-10 20:26:48

You Can Email Me At Shadefox21@yahoo.com


2010-09-30 23:42:22

so how ya like my new ride homie it's tight huh I Bought The Engine From Here


2015-04-26 10:34:13